Dental Crowns for the Front Teeth

By Dr. Ribeiro on May 28, 2021

dental crown patientDental damage and cosmetic blemishes can have a significant impact on the smile. The effect is especially great when dental issues affect the front teeth, which are clearly visible when a person eats, speaks, or laughs. Fortunately, many of these issues can be corrected with dental crowns.

Dental crowns are ceramic restorations that sit over the teeth like a small cap. Dental crowns restore the health of damaged teeth, while addressing aesthetic flaws. Here, Dr. Richard C. Ribeiro explains how dental crowns for the front teeth can enhance the smile, and goes over the techniques available to his Clarksville, TN, dental patients.

Dental Crown Candidates

Dental crowns have a wide range of uses, which make them a great option for many of our dental patients. Among the numerous dental problems that dental crowns can address are:

  • Tooth decay
  • Acid erosion
  • Dental damage or oral injuries (such as chips, cracks, and fractures)
  • Cosmetic flaws, including intrinsic dental stains

Dental crowns are not only durable restorations that strengthen the smile, but they are also attractive. Dental crowns can be customized by size, shape, and color, so that they blend in seamlessly with the natural teeth. This makes dental crowns an excellent choice for treatment of the front teeth, which are highly visible.

Same-day Dental Crowns

A typical dental crown procedure requires at least two dental appointments that are scheduled several weeks apart. However, Dr. Ribeiro offers his Clarksville patients same-day dental crowns. Same-day dental crowns are just as strong and durable as traditional crowns, but they are fabricated in-office, while the patient waits, so they are able to completely restore and transform their smile in just a single day.

Same-day dental crowns are possible due to advanced dental technology. At a single dental appointment, we are able to reshape the front teeth so that they are ready for dental crown treatment, take digital impressions of the teeth (which are used for crown design specifications), and fabricate the dental crown with our in-office milling machine. The completed crown(s) is adhered to the tooth with a dental compound that is hardened to complete the bonding process.

Dental Crown Benefits

Dental crowns, and same-day crowns specifically, offer numerous benefits to our patients. These restorations:

  • Repair dental damage to strengthen the teeth
  • Eliminate cosmetic blemishes to enhance the smile
  • Are strong enough to withstand regular wear and tear
  • Can be cared for like the natural teeth
  • Transform the smile in just a single day

Dental Crowns for Tooth Loss

Same-day crowns offer many benefits, and they are a suitable treatment option when the front teeth have been damaged or aesthetically flawed. However, dental crowns can also be a viable treatment option for tooth loss. If the front teeth have been lost, dental crowns can be applied to dental implants to fill in dental gaps and restore the health, function, and beauty of the smile. Dr. Ribeiro can discuss the dental implant procedure in further detail with our Clarksville patients who are in need to tooth loss treatment.

Contact Clarksville Smiles

If you have dental damage on the front teeth, you may be an ideal candidate for dental crowns. To learn more about this dental treatment, and whether it is right for you, contact our dental practice online, or call us at (931) 645-6362.

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