Can My Dental Bridge Be Repaired?

By Dr. Ribeiro on May 10, 2020

New dental bridge sits on white reflective tableA dental bridge can replace a missing tooth or multiple missing consecutive teeth. A traditional bridge holds false teeth in place through the use of two crowns. Our office can also have you fitted with an implant-retained bridge.

A dental bridge can last for decades, but it will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. At Clarksville Smiles, we offer dental bridge repair and replacement to our Clarksville, TN, patients so they can enjoy the benefits of a strong and stable dental bridge.

Reasons for Dental Bridge Repair

The average lifespan of a dental bridge is around 10 years. Under the expert care of Dr. Richard C. Ribeiro, a successful dental bridge repair can extend the life of your dental bridge. As long as the supporting abutment teeth are healthy and the bridge is salvageable, Dr. Ribeiro can perform dental bridge repair to address the following problems.

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken pontic
  • Loose dental cement
  • Underlying tooth decay
  • Compromised foundation of the bridge due to gum disease

Dental Bridge Repair Options

The type of dental bridge repair Dr. Ribeiro performs will be based on the cause of the malfunction. Minor cracks or chips can be fixed by using a dental compound to fill in the damaged portion of the false tooth. More extensive damage may require that the bridge be removed and sent to a dental lab. If your bridge needs to be removed, it may make more financial sense to simply fabricate a new bridge.

Dental repair may also be needed to refit a loose or dislodged dental bridge. Before your dental bridge can be cemented back onto your teeth, Dr. Ribeiro will need to inspect your abutment teeth. Any decay will need to be removed before the bridge can be reset. If extensive decay if found, tooth extraction followed by dental implant placement may be needed.

Reasons for Dental Bridge Replacement

At some point, wear, trauma, or other factors will necessitate the replacement of your dental bridge. A dental bridge may need to be replaced due to wear to the bridge or issues with one or more of the underlying abutment teeth.

Over years or decades, your bridge may become discolored to the point that it no longer matches the surrounding teeth. It is possible for the bridge to break in half or for the bridge to no longer fit well in the mouth. Wear or damage that cannot be addressed through the use of dental compounds can lead to the need to entirely replace the dental bridge.

Dental Bridge Replacement Overview

Your bridge will be removed and the underlying tooth is cleaned and any decay removed. Then, a digital impression and images will be made. A trusted lab will then fabricate your custom bridge according to Dr. Ribeiro’s specifications.

Schedule Your Dental Bridge Repair Today

A repaired or new dental bridge can restore strength and balance to your bite. A new bridge can offer cosmetic benefits as well. If your bite feels “off,”  contact our office online or call us at (931) 645-6362 to schedule your next visit so Dr. Ribeiro can examine your bridge.

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