Can Dental Bonding Close Gaps in My Smile?

By Dr. Ribeiro on March 11, 2020

Smiling female shows a gap between her two front teethMany patients have an unwanted gaps between their teeth. At Clarksville Smiles in Clarksville, TN, patients who are seeking a cosmetically pleasing solution for gaps have multiple treatment options. Dental bonding is often the most convenient and affordable treatment option for this cosmetic issue.

If you are unsure which treatment option is best for you, our dentist, Dr. Richard Ribeiro, can describe the benefits of dental bonding for closing gaps. He has over 18 years of experience enhancing patients’ smiles, and his philosophy of combining experience with the latest technology ensures that patients enjoy the best possible care.

How Does Dental Bonding Treat Gaps?

Gaps between the teeth are considered a cosmetic issue. To cover or close gaps between teeth, patients generally have three solutions: orthodontics, veneers, or dental bonding.

Bonding offers fast and affordable results. The cosmetic treatment makes use of the same composite resin that is used in tooth-colored fillings. The pliable material contains bits of silica that add luster and reflective qualities that are similar to enamel.

Bonding can be placed on either side of the gap between your teeth. Dr. Ribeiro can close the gap between your teeth by lengthening the sides of your tooth.

Treatment Overview

Dental bonding is non-invasive and does not require the removal of natural tooth structure. Most patients are good candidates for dental bonding.

During your procedure at Dr. Ribeiro’s dental practice, the teeth that are to be treated will be cleaned. Once the surfaces of your teeth are cleaned, a special etching compound will be placed to prepare the surface of the tooth to receive the bonding material. Etching opens up existing pores on the surface of your tooth so the bonding material can gain a tighter bond.

Once your tooth is prepared, the dental bonding material will be shade-matched to blend in with your natural teeth. Then, the material will be artfully applied to the sides of your teeth to fill in the gap between your teeth. Once the material is set, a special blue light will harden the material. Any minor adjustments can be made at that time. Sometimes, the bonding is polished to add shine and luster to the resin.


Due to the non-invasive nature of this treatment, side effects are uncommon and there is no recovery time required following this treatment.

To make the most out of your dental bonding, never use the bonded tooth to pry open or tear any object or package. Practicing good oral hygiene habits and visiting our Clarksville dental practice for regular exams and cleanings can also prevent premature wear on your dental bonding.

Dental bonding generally does not last as long as veneers. The material may need to be replaced every few years. When the material does need to be replaced, the straightforward procedure can be completed by Dr. Ribeiro.

Schedule Your Dental Bonding Treatment Today

Dental bonding is an affordable and convenient treatment option that can close gaps between the teeth. To learn more about this popular cosmetic treatment or to schedule your dental bonding treatment, please contact our office online or call (931) 645-6362.

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