Crown Lengthening Benefits

By Dr. Ribeiro on September 10, 2019

Before and after crown lengthening treatmentMany factors contribute to the overall appearance of the smile. One important aspect is the size of the teeth compared to the amount of gum tissue that is present. If a person’s gums hang low over the teeth, it creates a “gummy” smile and gives the appearance of small, short teeth.

At our dental practice, Dr. Richard Ribiero offers laser gum reshaping to eliminate excess gum tissues and create longer, healthier looking teeth. Here, our Clarksville, TN, patients can learn more about the numerous benefits of crown lengthening treatment.

More Balanced Proportions

An attractive smile is all about proportions and balance. Ideally, a smile should consist of prominent, healthy-looking teeth that are supported by a strong gum line. Unfortunately, many people have excess gum tissues that cover up a good portion of the crowns of the teeth. If the gums are the first thing that people notice when a person smiles, the proportion between the teeth and gums is off.

Laser gum reshaping, or crown lengthening treatment, removes some of the gum line to reveal more of a person’s teeth. This treatment improves the tooth-to-gums ratio to create a proportionate and well-balanced smile that is more pleasing to the eyes.

Stronger, Healthier Looking Teeth

Even if our Clarksville patients take good care of their teeth and gums, excess gum tissue can affect the appearance of the smile. By lifting the gum line with gum reshaping treatment, Dr. Ribiero can give our patients a smile that instantly looks stronger and healthier, so that it better reflects their oral health efforts.

Improved Oral Health

Laser gum reshaping is often performed for cosmetic reasons, as a way to lengthen the crowns of the teeth. However, in many cases, crown lengthening treatment can enhance oral health as well.

If the gum tissues are infected or diseased, then removing those tissues can create a healthier environment for the teeth and other soft tissues of the mouth. Laser gum reshaping is a safe and effective way to treat early stages of gum disease so that patients can enjoy a healthier smile.

Safe and Comfortable Treatment

Traditional crown lengthening treatment is performed with a handheld scalpel, but Dr. Ribiero performs laser gum reshaping. This procedure uses a dental laser to trim away excess tissues and create a straighter, more proportionate gum line.

The laser tool that Dr. Ribiero uses offers our Clarksville patients numerous benefits:

  • Laser gum reshaping provides more precision and control
  • The laser cauterizes blood vessels as it removes tissues, so bleeding is minimal
  • Laser gum reshaping is less painful than traditional gum reshaping
  • Laser gum reshaping minimizes the risk of infection and other complications

Get In Touch

If you are concerned with small teeth or a gummy smile, you may be an ideal candidate for crown lengthening treatment. If you have questions about this procedure, and whether it is right for you, send us a message at your earliest convenience or call (931) 645-6362 to set up an appointment with Dr. Richard Ribiero.

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