Everything You Need to Know about the Dental Crown Procedure

By Dr. Ribeiro on May 10, 2018

Four-panel digital image of dental crown placement processWhen it comes to restorative dentistry, dental crowns are among the most common treatments. Used to reinforce and repair damaged or decayed teeth, dental crowns are natural-looking restorations that are crafted from tooth-colored materials. 

Today, our team at Clarksville Smiles in Clarksville, TN will discuss the dental crown procedure so you can know what to expect during your treatment.

About Dental Crowns: An Overview

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped restorations designed to fit over the entire tooth structure. In most cases, your crown will be crafted by a skilled ceramist at our trusted dental laboratory. Therefore, treatment can usually be completed in two appointments.

Your First Visit

During your first visit, Dr. Richard C. Ribeiro will perform an assessment of the problematic tooth to determine if a dental crown will be beneficial. In addition to a visual assessment, he will also take x-rays to evaluate the health of the internal structures and roots. 

If you are a candidate for a dental crown, Dr. Ribeiro will prepare the tooth. This involves administering local anesthesia to numb the tissues, and then removing a small amount of enamel all the way around the tooth. 

Once the tooth is prepared, impressions will be taken. The dental lab will use these impressions to fabricate your custom restoration. This process generally takes about one to two weeks. In the meantime, a temporary crown will be placed to protect the tooth.

Your Second Visit

When your dental crown arrives from the lab, we will schedule you for your second visit. At this appointment, Dr. Ribeiro will remove the temporary crown and bond the final crown into place using high-quality permanent dental cement. 

Next, he will check your bite by having you close down on blue paper. This will reveal any high-pressure spots. Your bite will be adjusted until the forces are evenly distributed. 

Same-day Dental Crowns

Dr. Ribeiro also offers same-day dental crowns for qualifying patients. Rather than ship your case to a dental lab, we can use our CAD/CAM software and in-office milling machine to craft your crown while you wait. 

To do this, we will take digital impressions once Dr. Ribeiro prepares your tooth. These images will be sent to our computer software program, which will design your new restoration. 

Same-day crowns may not be appropriate for every case, but many of our patients are able to take advantage of this service. 

Caring for Your New Dental Crown

Maintaining your new dental crown requires no specialized care other than routine brushing and flossing. When you are cleaning around the crown, be sure to pull the floss all the way through rather than “snapping” it back out, as this may loosen the restoration over time. We also recommend using an ADA-accepted mouthwash as well. 

Routine dental examinations and cleanings are always important, and even more so when you have restorations. During your dental visits, Dr. Ribeiro will check your crown to make sure it is functioning properly.

Learn More about Dental Crowns at Our Practice

If you need a dental crown, understanding the treatment process can help alleviate any fears or worries of the unknown. To learn more about your personal treatment plan, contact us online or call us at (931) 645-6362.

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