Porcelain Crown Benefits: A Natural-Looking Restoration

By Dr. Ribeiro on January 10, 2017

Porcelain CrownIf your tooth has suffered damage due to trauma or decay, it may need a dental crown. There are several different options for dental crowns, including metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), and all-porcelain. There are pros and cons to each option, but porcelain crowns are generally preferred by dentists and patients. Dr. Richard Ribeiro can explain all the porcelain crown benefits during your appointment at our Clarksville, TN office. One of the most exciting benefits is that with porcelain, we can offer same-day crowns to our patients.

Why Should I Choose a Porcelain Crown?

Porcelain crowns offer numerous benefits over their metal and PFM counterparts. Below are just some of the reasons we recommend choosing porcelain crowns.

Strength and Durability

Porcelain crowns offer great strength and durability to damaged teeth. With proper care, a porcelain crown can last upwards of 15 years. During this time, the crown protects the tooth from additional damage, decay, and infection, preserving your oral health. Porcelain crowns also require less removal of the healthy tooth structure. The more tooth structure we can preserve, the more beneficial it is for your oral health.

Natural Appearance

Metal crowns are the most unnatural option. Although PFM crowns have an exterior porcelain shell for a more natural appearance, they tend to create a dark and unnatural line where the crown meets the gum line. All-porcelain crowns are color-matched to your surrounding teeth so the crown is unnoticeable to the naked eye. Additionally, porcelain crowns closely resemble the translucence of natural teeth. Porcelain is also stain-resistant, so your crown will maintain its beautiful color for many years to come.


Because there is no metal in porcelain crowns, there are no risks of toxic chemicals being leached into the body. There is also no risk of an allergic reaction as there is with certain metals.


Our porcelain crowns are expertly crafted and customized to perfectly fit your bite. Dr. Ribeiro takes precise measurements using a digital intraoral camera. These measurements are then used to develop a beautiful custom crown that does not negatively affect your bite or alignment in any way. These crowns are designed to act as an extension of your natural tooth.

Same-day Availability

With our advanced CEREC® technology, we can offer our patients same-day crowns. Traditional metal or PFM crowns require two separate dental visits, usually with two or more weeks in between. During that time, the crown is crafted by an off-site lab. CEREC® technology allows us to instead prep the tooth, take digital impressions, and create and place the crown in a single appointment. This eliminates the need for a temporary crown and the lengthy and sometimes painful waiting period.


The cost of porcelain crowns is similar to or less than metal or PFM crowns, especially if a precious metal like gold is used.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If you have a cracked, decayed, or otherwise damaged tooth, do not delay treatment. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Ribeiro can evaluate the tooth to determine if a crown is needed.

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