Rebuild Your Smile with Treatment for Missing Teeth

By Dr. Ribeiro on October 14, 2016

A dental bridge being affixed to dental implantsMissing teeth can cause a number of oral health problems. Aesthetically, the gaps created by missing teeth compromise the overall appearance of the smile. When it comes to oral health, missing teeth threaten the structure of surrounding teeth, diminish oral strength, and cause deterioration of the jawbone.

The only way to prevent these serious oral health complications is to replace missing teeth with strong dental restorations, such as dental implants. Dental implants replace a missing tooth all the way down to its roots to provide patients with the most durable and natural treatment for missing teeth. Our Clarksville, TN patients can learn more about dental implants and other missing teeth treatment options from Dr. Richard Ribeiro.

Dental Bridge

Each case of tooth loss is unique. Some patients may lose just a single tooth while others may lose multiple teeth in one area of the mouth. Dental bridges are a popular treatment for missing teeth because they are so versatile. Whether a patient needs to replace a single tooth or a set of teeth, a dental bridge may be appropriate.

A dental bridge spans from one natural tooth to another, and fills in the gap of space between them. A dental bridge consists of one central restoration (called a pontic), but this single piece can be designed to resemble several teeth. Traditional dental bridges are anchored on either side by dental crowns, but patients looking for more stability should consider an implant-supported bridge.


When tooth loss is severe, dentures are the most practical treatment option. Partial dentures can replace multiple missing teeth while full dentures can replace an entire arch of teeth.

Traditional dentures adhere to a patient’s gums to restore a more attractive and functioning smile. The downside of dentures is that they do not always feel secure in a patient’s mouth. Many patients find it difficult to get a close and comfortable fit with traditional dentures.

Fortunately, Dr. Ribeiro offers implant-supported dentures. These allow patients to benefit from the practicality of dentures without compromising security or comfort.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is typically used to repair a tooth that has been severely damaged. However, dental crowns are also commonly affixed to dental implants as a replacement for a missing tooth. When more than one tooth has been lost, a dental crown is not the most appropriate treatment option. But for those patients who have lost just a single tooth, a dental crown is a strong and attractive restorative treatment option.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most advanced treatment option for missing teeth. Dental implants treatment involves surgically implanting small titanium screws into the jawbone. These screws act as replacements for the missing tooth’s roots. They fuse with the gums and jawbone, and provide the stimulation that is necessary to promote the continual growth of healthy bone tissue.

Once fusion has occurred, small metal posts (called abutments) will be attached to the dental implants. These abutments then serve as anchors for a complete range of dental restorations: dental bridges, dentures, and dental crowns. As far as security, durability, and comfort go, there is no better restorative treatment option than dental implants.

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Missing teeth compromise the strength, health, and beauty of the smile. Fortunately, Dr. Richard Ribeiro and his dental team offer a range of restorative dentistry solutions that allow patients to maintain a strong, functional, attractive smile. To learn more about dental implants and other treatments for missing teeth, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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