Dental Care for Teens: What Young Adult Patients Can Expect

By on December 09, 2015

Two teenage girls smiling outdoorsThe team at Clarksville Smiles is committed to helping patients of all ages have the healthiest smiles possible. This means comprehensive general dentistry with an emphasis on total wellness.

Teenage patients have a number of different needs, and their visits involve more than just x-rays and routine cleanings. Let's consider teenage dentistry in more detail right now.

Teenagers Have Unique Dental Care Needs

Teens are in a unique place in their lives. That goes for their general development as people, their maturation into adulthood, and also their needs when it comes to dental care. Because of that, dentists need to take these needs into account when fashioning the right dental treatment to meet their needs. In essence, a dentist is working to improve their current dental health while always keeping future dental wellness in mind.


The teenage years are a perfect time to perform orthodontic procedures that help straighten teeth. Some orthodontia may be performed before, but in terms of braces or a braces alternative such as Invisalign®, the timing is perfect. All of the patient's permanent teeth are in, and shifting the position of the teeth is relatively easy since the patient is still in the process of growing.

Many teens who require orthodontic care prefer Invisalign® treatment to traditional braces. This system uses clear plastic aligners to shift the position of the teeth rather than brackets and wires. The plastic aligner trays are removable, allowing patients to eat their favorite foods and not experience any major interruptions to their life or general routine.

Services for Student Athletes

Student athletes can benefit from a number of different dental treatments that are preventative and restorative in nature.

On the preventative side, dentists can create custom mouth guards to protect the teeth, gums, and tongue from harm. These mouth guards are ideal for student athletes in contact or combat sports (e.g., football, hockey, wrestling, martial arts), though a number of student athletes also get mouth guards to protect themselves from injury from other kinds of sports as well (e.g., basketball, soccer).

If a student athlete's teeth or gums are injured, a dentist is able to perform restorative procedures to help address these pressing dental health needs. This might include repairing a chipped or cracked tooth, or even resetting a tooth that has been knocked out.

Planning for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are extra sets of molars that come in during a patient's early twenties. These extra molars are not essential for biting and chewing. In fact, they can cause a few dental health problems. For one, they can make brushing and flossing more difficult in the back portions of the mouth. In addition, wisdom teeth that are growing in crooked can lead to pain if they are pressing in on your teeth. This is known as impaction.

Even though the wisdom teeth will not be fit for removal during teenage years, dentists can monitor their progress as they are emerging, planning and timing proper extraction in the years ahead.

Tips for Enhanced Oral Hygiene and Dental Health

Since dentists look forward when it comes to a teen's dental health, part of teenage dentistry involves tips for good oral hygiene. This means tips on how to properly brush and floss, activities and various food items to avoid, and other useful tips. It may seem minor, but it can actually help keep a teen's smile beautiful and healthy years and years later.

Speak with the Team at Clarksville Smiles

For more information about dental care treatment options for teenagers, be sure to contact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. The entire team here at Clarksville Smiles looks forward to your visit and helping you have the healthiest smile possible.

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